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AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer

Security Policy Analysis and Audit

AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer (AFA) provides visibility of complex security policies, to streamline and automate operations and ensure network security devices are properly configured. AFA enables security and operations teams to:

  • Streamline firewall operations and improve firewall performance
  • Ensure compliance and reduce firewall audit time and costs by 80%
  • Ensure a tighter security policy for improved protection against cyber-attacks


Gain Visibility of Your Security Policy

Network Topology Map

AFA provides visibility of complex networks and security policies across a broad range of devices and vendors, to make daily firewall operations easier and more effective.

AFA automatically generates an interactive topology map of all network firewalls and routers, subnets and zones, and delivers instant visibility of the impact of security policies on network traffic through powerful troubleshooting, change planning and "what-if" queries.

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Monitor and Audit All Security Policy Changes

Change Monitoring

AFA monitors every change to the network security policy and maintains a complete audit trail. Administrators can receive real-time e-mail alerts for unauthorized or risky changes. Additionally, the AlgoSec Extension Framework enables practically any network device to be monitored, including VPNs, load balancers, and more.

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Prepare for Your Next Audit in Hours, not Weeks or Months

Auditing & Compliance

AFA automatically generates compliance reports for corporate and regulatory standards, such as PCI-DSS, SOX, FISMA and ISO, as well as customized corporate policies, to greatly reduce audit preparation efforts and costs – by as much as 80%.
AFA instantly discovers gaps in compliance and uniquely aggregates findings across your entire firewall and router estate  through a single report facilitating remediation before reports must be presented to internal or external auditors. All "Big 4" auditing firms rely on AlgoSec when conducting audits.

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Discover and Mitigate Risky Firewall Rules

Risk Mitigation

AFA discovers and prioritizes all risks and their associated rules in the firewall policy. AFA relies upon the broadest risk knowledgebase, consisting of industry regulations and best practices, as well as customized corporate policies, to ensure more risks are uncovered. Additionally, you can view risk score trends over time to get a clear picture of how your security efforts are working.

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Clean up and Optimize Firewall Rulesets


Network Security Policy Optimization

AFA provides a wide range of actionable recommendations to cleanup, optimize, and tighten your security policy. Unused, covered, duplicate and expired rules and objects are uncovered, and you can even consolidate similar rules.

AlgoSec's unique Intelligent Policy Tuner™ reduces risk without impacting business needs by automatically identifying and tightening overly permissive rules (e.g. ANY Service, Application, etc.) based on actual usage patterns. Additionally, AFA provides explicit recommendations on how to reorder rules for optimal firewall performance while retaining the policy logic allowing you to extend the lifespan of your existing hardware.

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Mitigate Cyber Threats with Baseline Configuration Compliance

Baseline Configuration Compliance

AFA allows you to define baselines for device configurations to minimize system risks that can be exploited by cyber criminals and generate reports to identify non-compliant configurations.

Out-of-the-box baselines are included for many common devices, and you have infinite flexibility to extend existing baselines or create new ones.

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Simplify Management of Next-Generation Firewall Policies


With the rapid adoption of next-generation firewalls, Firewall Analyzer delivers the same powerful analysis for application-aware and user-aware policies - from policy optimization and risk mitigation to automating compliance. AFA's NGFW policy analysis is even seamlessly integrated with FireFlow to automate change management.

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Manage Routers as Part of Your Security Policy


AFA provides a complete picture of the security policy by analyzing traffic-filtering routers, in addition to firewalls. AFA provides visibility of the network traffic flow and delivers actionable policy analysis to optimize ACLs, reduce risk from poor router configurations and ensure compliance.

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